Winsomely catchy love (and death) songs, seamless harmonies, lightly propulsive rhythms, and a knack for blending the acoustic with the electronic are of few of the complex ways to describe Swedish indie-pop trio Like Swimming. The band released their debut album, ‘Structures’ in September 2014 and it showcased seven years of writing between Claes Carlström, Ida Hedene, and Petter Wesslander.

The band toured extensively with sets that included Chicago, Nashville, LA’s Culture Collide Festival , New York’s CMJ Music Marathon and Austins SxSW. They found themselves performing their album ‘Structures’ in its purest form—acoustic, and intimately in countless unique situations-- on a medieval city wall in Sweden, in a hipster living room in Brooklyn, and a Zombie packed bar in Connecticut. They used ukuleles, pencils, glass and children’s drum kits to create new versions of the songs from the album. Each time, they found more and more energy in the songs as they became smaller and smaller, ultimately leading to the conception of the follow up EP ‘Tiny Structures.’

Then things took a different turn. Claes came to the realization that the life of touring; traveling from town to town, from club to club, from beer to beer; wasn’t a life he would be able to endure. So he moved out and hid in the swedish archipelago, and Ida and Petter found themselves suddenly producing a child instead of a new album. And that is where the story could have ended, if it wasn’t for the unrelenting urge to write music together and the fact that the life of a music group in the 2010s is way different from back when every album needed a tour plan.

Now, two and a half years later, they release their first single ‘Strike a Pose’, an electronic locomotive of a song, to fight their way towards their most political side yet, distilled into the first part of a double EP: ‘Resistance / Relations’. The division of the album into a two part EP is an attempt for the band to get all their political frustration out in the first part, ‘Resistance’, to make room for the ups and downs of personal battles in the second part, ‘Relations’, coming later this year.

Artwork: Strike a Pose

Artwork by: Petter Wesslander

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Photo by: Johan Knobe

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Photo by: Johan Knobe