We recently stopped by for a quick chat with our friends at Radar!

“When and how did you meet?

– We played together in a previous band for seven years and got to learn each other inside out. So we were already family staring this band.

How would you describe your sound?
– We usually think of it as a sound of contrasts. The organic meets the electronic, the harmonic melodies meets the cynical lyrics, the quiet and calm meets the energetic and frustrating… Kinda like swimming.

Can you tell us about your album?
– Structures is our debut album. It’s the result of our first steps. We’ve had tons of great help from great people such as the mixing gurus Brian Malouf and Lennart Östlund and the wonderfully talented Linn Fijal at RMV Studio, so we’re very happy with the result!

What’s the inspiration behind it?
– The inspiration is the frustration over the structures around us that we as people are limited by. And it’s a constant search for a way out, an analytic viewpoint that could distance ourselves from the reality of it, while still constantly realizing that we can never get out.

Which performance was the most exciting one?
– Playing the last show out of three last year on Culture Collide in LA, realizing the word had spread during the days about our performance and being welcomed by a packed room. That was nice.

How has the U.S. welcomed you?
– The US crowd is great! They understand our lyrics (!) and seem to enjoy our Swedish accents tremendously. And they give great food suggestions!

You’re soon leaving for your tour in the U.S., what are you looking forward the most?
– We love playing at CMJ in NY, so we’re looking forward to that a lot. And then we look forward to seeing all the cities we’ve never been to before, like Philadelphia!

What are your goals for the future?
– After the US tour we’re planning a Swedish and European tour in Spring. And then there’s the summer festivals. Hopefully we’ll be able to do an extensive US tour, covering the whole country next time.”