According to Culture Collide,

Like Swimming is a fresh trio (Claes Carlström, Ida Hedene, and Petter Wesslander) from Sweden that somehow feels familiar. Think of a clear, crisp Sunday morning that feels nostalgic and uplifting. That’s the sound of Like Swimming.

Listen to the premiere of their brand new track “A Room Of Her Own” from their forthcoming album Structures, due September 9. Then let Claes guide you to fully enjoying the band’s hometown and capital of Sweden. Frankly, we think that sipping wine on one of the beautiful archipelagos of Stockholm is already a legit reason for a trip.’

Interview below:

‘Where are you from? , Sweden

Describe the perfect Stockholm day. It’s late spring, snow is gone but might come back any day. But for now the city’s bathing in the pale sun light and everybody’s out taking a beer, even during work hours. All the birds are back. It’s as if the city takes its first breath after holding it for several months.

What’s your favorite spot for happy hour? The summer club:  at Flemminggatan 2.

Favorite landmark? , find a friend with a boat and go bananas.

Undiscovered gem? Grab a box of wine at  before they close, and go pick a spot at ,  or  and watch the city sunset.

Favorite neighborhood and why?  – great market on Sundays, a cinema with breakfast movies and live events and some great bars and venues around. And it still has a queer-friendly vibe, even though the wonderful queer feminist bookstore Hallongrottan has closed.

Best place for coffee?  at Sveavägen 29 – The fellow working there is both skilled and nice, and it’s close to our rehearsal hide out.

Late night haunts? at Götgatan 59.

Live music venue? .’